Businesses often think that they can either do some time-consuming tasks themselves or hire a full-time employee to do them. What they find is a way out that affects their budget adversely and does not help with productivity. Companies are not sure about how their employees are spending time or whether they are working on the growth.

Well, this doubt can be resolved with the help of a virtual assistant who maintains the data and gets paid based on productive hours. Thus, one of the major issues regarding efficiency and budget gets resolved when you opt for a VA instead of a full-time in-office employee.

Since we have been telling you why you should shift to a VA, we must also let you know all the VA's tasks. A VA is multitasking, virtually available assistant who can handle tasks that are consuming your precious time and help you get way more productive you are at present. The list of the tasks a VA can do is quite long, but we have shortlisted some of the major tasks that can give you a brief of future work.

Here are some of the tasks you can outsource a VA

  • 1. Administrative Task: VA's are trained to have an excellent hand at all the administrative tasks. With such VA's, you can skip the training period and directly delegate them your tasks. It does not take long for a VA to adjust according to your working environment.
  • 2. Managing the email box: A VA can easily tackle and sort out your email box. They will arrange your mails according to their urgency, alphabetically or whatever the way you want it to be. They can also develop formats for different types of emails and set them according to your preference.
  • 3. Scheduling Travel: Scheduling and planning trips for you is something a VA can also do. All you have to do is dictate to them your preferences, and everything will be fixed and finalized. From the timings of the flights to arranging a specific car you asked for, from booking a hotel to looking for a preferred exotic location of the cottage, you name it, and a VA will make sure you get what you want.
  • 4. Managing your Calendar: Managing your calendar is highly important when you have plans and multiple meetings. A VA will make sure that everything is working smoothly and your calendar does not have anything that can disturb your mindset of working.
  • 5. Research and Development: Researching is highly essential when you are in a position where you meet numerous new people. You must be aware of these people and their background in all the regards that will affect your own business. A VA can do all the research and come to you with a file with all the information you need.
  • 6. Presentation Preparation: As we said above, VA will research for you, but they can also work on the presentation you need for your meetings. All you have to do is specify what you want in your presentation, and they will make sure that the PPT looks better than anything the client has seen before.
  • 7. Finance: Finance is one important aspect of a company. A start-up may always need a good finance person or has a good generation of invoices and fed in daily expenses. These minor tasks hold weightage in the company.
  • 8. Real Estate Bookkeeping: When it comes to real estate businesses, agents need to do bookkeeping, and we know how time-consuming it is. It takes up most of the time and requires full concentration. Well, A VA is trained to do bookkeeping and ease you from this task. This provides a real estate agent more time to focus on the clients and strategies.
  • 9. Virtual Data Entry: For a VA, data entry is one of the basic tasks. This one task is essential for the company as maintaining data helps the company keep a record, but we all know how tedious of a task it is. Outsource it to virtual assistance and observe the changes in your life and the growth of the company.
  • 10. Web Design: The marketing strategies are changing with time and even more rapidly with the pandemic hitting the world. A website became a necessity for companies as it focuses on targeting the audience virtually. The web design attracts the audience and holds them to keep exploring. A VA who is specialized in Web Design can handle this portion for you.
  • 11. Web Development: As we said before, a website is the need of the hour. A VA can also do the development of the website and work on its functionality. Results will help you understand the importance of such online virtual assistant services.
  • 12. Digital Marketing: VA's are also specialized in the field of digital marketing. If you are hiring a VA with the help of a company, the company will make sure to choose candidates beforehand based on experience. This entirely frees you up from worrying about the quality of work a digital marketer would do for your company. Digital Marketing includes services like email marketing, social media handling, SEO, website promotion. VA will take care of everything you need.


A VA is all you need for your company and its growth. You must outsource these tasks to a VA to save money, time and energy. It is a deal worth investing in, with profits worth the growth. Think about it, analyze and compare.

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